Work of Art: Exile on Main Street

Kymia, Bob and Barbara...crazy, kindred spirits

Post mortem at the Dillon where people are sad but not really that Sarah K got eliminated. Lola inexplicably decides to baby-talk and Dusty mopes about how it could have been him, but he clearly didn’t really look at the crap Sarah K put up. Meanwhile, Young takes this opportunity to remind us what a narcissistic idiot he is when they recap that he and Sara J won $30K because she sold a bunch of street portraits while he painted smiley faces on men’s underwear and should have and would have been a bottom feeder with Sarah K but managed not only to escape elimination but is now up to $50K in prize money because assholes always rise to the top. Then Lola foreshadows that, despite being a charlatan who showed her tits to stay in the competition for one more challenge, she’d be devastated to make it this far and not make the finale. Wah, wah. Continue reading

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Beautiful/Decay Cult of the Creative Arts | Artist Book Series + Daily Art And Design Blog And Creative Community

Beautiful/Decay Cult of the Creative Arts | Artist Book Series + Daily Art And Design Blog And Creative Community.

This stuff is pretty amazing.

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Work of Art: Sell Out

How we all felt watching this episode.

Post-mortem at the Dillon…and who really cares.  Really.  I don’t know if it’s because this cast hasn’t been as interesting, or talented, as last season, or if the long delay killed the series momentum, or if, as I suspect, season 1 really was All Miles, All the Time but this season has been wheezing on fumes since pretty much the second episode and each one gets exponentially less engaging.  I blame booting the few charismatic artists early in favor of keeping a charlatan like Lola.  (Could have and should have gone instead of Leon!) Continue reading

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Work of Art: La Dolce Arte

Pouring one out for the likable pervert.

Post mortem at the Dillon and Kymia’s pouring one out for Sucklord, making jokes about what a pervert he is. Sigh. I miss him already. A frankenbite by Lola, which includes no fewer than four edits, implies that she may have been interested in a romance with Sucklord, but could also have been about anyone. I choose to believe it’s about herself because self-love is clearly her favorite kind.

Time for Dusty to make good on his bet with Young that he’d wear those heinous nylon shorts and I don’t know if Young’s beefier than he looks or if Dusty is surprisingly scrawny, but those shorts fit him looser than I expected. And better than Sarah Kabot expected because she’s just a little too happy about seeing Dusty’s ass in those shorts. But then, everyone is so maybe they’re just going stir crazy. Continue reading

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So she was about nine months early and I’d already seen this video months ago, but I think the added narration and Herb Alpert really elevate the idea of yarn-bombing the Wall Street bull.

Plus, I just love the idea that something as homey as crocheting has become a form of renegade art.

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Work of Art: Street Dealers

Remember when they had charming people in the cast?

Recap at the Dillon has Michelle acting like a decent human being to Kymia and Sara J, telling them she hopes Dusty won because he’s so sweet and has a baby, and I bet she would never act like a stone bitch just ‘cause. The top and bottom feeders return and tell the middling artists that Young won and Lola, as is her wont, bitches again about the winner. She’s a peach. I can see why Sucklord has a crush. And it’s not because she’s young and has big tits. No one really cares that Bayeté lost so we circle back around to Young’s win and now it’s Dusty’s turn to hate on Young a little. But I like Dusty and want to bounce rubber balls off Young’s head, so I don’t mind him bitching. Continue reading

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A Paean to Michael Shannon’s Face

This weekend I saw Take Shelter, and while it’s a brilliant movie that I’ll review within the next few days, I wanted to take a moment to commemorate the wonder and glory of the most amazing face working in Hollywood today – Michael Shannon’s.

Broken down into its parts it shouldn’t work at all, and even viewed as a whole can on occasion look like a totem pole, but every twitch and tic conveys about 150 emotions all at once.  He just feels so many feelings.

So here’s my little paean to the oddest, most mesmerizing and oddly beautiful face I’ve ever seen on film. Stay amazing, Michael Shannon.

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Work of Art: Ripped from the Headlines

It’s 5:30 a.m. This man is not human.

Dillon time means time for Young to let us know just how deeply and meaningfully he feels things.  This time, it’s about how he wants his roommates (Sucklord and Tewz) to stay but he just doesn’t want anyone to go. Guys, he feels so many feelings.  I’d like him to feel the feeling of my hitting him on the head with a whiffle ball bat.  Sucklord’s feeling the heat of constantly being told he sucks but in his words he’s from New York, he’s tough, he survives. He’s “like a cockroach.” He doesn’t add disease-ridden, though.

Kymia’s happy she won but a Frankenbite of Lola implies she isn’t.  Although, they couldn’t even edit in any evil because all Lola says is she’s competitive with Kymia which, duh.  But I won’t try to explain that to her, she’d probably just blow smoke in my face and then give it an annoying title. Continue reading

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Work of Art: Back to School

It’s recap time at the Dillon, and the anvils of foreshadowing appear as Dusty interviews that he wants to get back on track and not let his family down.  Step up the drama, Dusty. Your mullet can only do so much work.  Young farts on about how great it feels to win, but it still all sounds like flatulence.  Maybe because he’s completely up his own ass.  Michelle says the judges were disappointed with her, and Sucklord gets in a drive-by dig by calling her “the Golden Girl”  but changes the subject before anyone realizes he’s being a dick because it’s time to cross names off the list.  Continue reading

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Work of Art – Make It Pop

One of these men knows he's lucky to have immunity because his work sucked.

So it’s nighttime at the Dillon and the artists reconvene to discuss who won (Bayeté, and they’re as surprised as the rest of us) and pour some out for Kathryn’s viscera.

Then it’s off on another field trip, this time to Phillips de Pury. Young shows that he has bright future ahead of him as an asskisser and sycophant as he reads those cue cards about the awesomeness that is Simon with so much sincerity.

When they get off the elevator, they spy a naked can and pretend that they can’t figure out what the challenge is but follow the cans to a gallery where China is continuing her sartorial tour of the 60s.  She and Simon are surrounded by dozens of naked soup cans…and one Warhol Campbell’s Soup Can canvas.  It’s a pop art challenge.  Time for the artists to make their own “iconic” piece of pop art but we know no one will, so stop pretending.  Simon sends them off with one of his speeches, this time telling them that Pop is bold, brave, sex, life, fun, brash and political so don’t fuck it up.  Oh, wait.  That’s RuPaul.  This show needs some RuPaul. Continue reading

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