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Herb Ritts: L.A. Style at the Getty

Wait…is that a Janet Jackson video? Seriously.  I asked myself that question as I wandered through the Herb Ritts: LA. Style exhibition at the Getty.  And yet, there was no escaping it.  That not only was a Janet Jackson video … Continue reading

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Herb Ritts and the Cult of the Celebrity Photographer

Man, the 80s and 90s were a heady time for fashion. All you had to do was either be a model or someone who took pictures of models (or rock stars, movie stars, athletes…) and you became so famous that people started equating your work taking pretty pictures of pretty people being pretty with fine art. At least in Los Angeles in 2012. Continue reading

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Cuba at The Getty

I love photojournalism exhibits because I love photography but the immediacy and candor that photojournalists bring to their work can evoke the strongest visceral responses in me. Their work is subliminal. The best of them almost intuitively know the moment before something wonderful or frightening or awesome in its literal meaning is about to happen and capture it. Continue reading

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